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Libroventura offers its authors a cutting-edge method to track sales of their works, through the Sales report.

In this space you can also view and download the contracts and invoices related to the orders requested.

This page Libroventura want to explain how to access the page, and how to use it better. The images are the steps to follow. Clicking on them will open a new page that will see them enlarged.

The first step that the author must do is to authenticate (picture 1), by entering the username and password, and then click on the red button "LOGIN".

Once authenticated, will appear on the right the "User Menu" then must click on the penultimate option, or "Sales Report" (picture 2). Here, only being accessible by the member menu, it is visible exclusively to registered visitors in sito.Report 1

The author will be found on the page containing the list of the authors of Libroventura, arranged in alphabetical order, they are entitled to access the restricted area. Not all users who register, then, to have that section available, but you must have benefited from a service offered by Libroventura.

NomeautoreUna once found his name in the table, you must click on the button "Login" (picture 3). The user has the credentials to access only the personal area: trying to get into that another user will open a page that says "Sorry, this air does not exist or is not available."

reportUna once had access to his personal page, the client will find all the necessary tools to monitor the commercial aspects of the work. The page has five tables that summarize the sales and the services required. (Image 4)

The first table summarizes the actual report of copies sold, divided both by month for that year. At the end of each line there is the sum total of all the works. The first line shows the trend of paper copies, while those in the second digital (ebooks).
The second, in many ways the most important, is the accounting center, within which it is possible to know, in addition to the amount of revenue for each copy, partial gains of books and ebooks, that overall, the drawings made and the current balance.
The third is a breakdown of sales, by which you can know which platform or library come from purchases. In the first column there is the sequential number dell'acuisto, in the second there is the physical library or online store from which comes the order (for example from Libroventurao site from Amazon), the third is the month in which it was made the purchase; the fourth column shows the number of copies purchased, and the last status of the payment (if you pay you will read OK, but if the bill will be paid in 90 days, you will find the SUSPENDED words.
The fourth table is the statistical area, which shows the relationship between books and ebooks sold, then between copies sold the current year and what precendete, and between the various quarters, since the last of 2013.
The fifth summarizes the orders and the services required by Libroventura. If you were asked, for example, proofreading or translation, the table will show the date the contract is signed, then scan the contract and the relevant invoice. Both documents are available for download. Ditto for proofing, publications in progress or ones cease.


The service also from the ability to send to Libroventuradei files, for example of the contracts for a new publication or, in general, of the documents. To do this simply take to the bottom of the page and click on "Send a file" (picture 5). After selecting the file from the PC, or selected the url address (if it is an existing document on the internet), and compiled a brief description, to confirm the sending and wait for loading the file. If the operation proves successful, a screen appears that will communicate.

Invio2Tornando to the report page, the lower will be reported to the file that you have forwarded to Libroventura (image 6).






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