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In addition to editorial services, it also offers other Libroventura.

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Conversion of the book in ebook format ePub and moby
Site for each author (eg. Www.mariorossi.it)
Book presentation

 Conversion to ebook
An ebook can be published in PDF format, but we always recommend that you convert it to ePub format, in order to make it more manageable and easier to read, with a predictable increase in sales of the book in question.

 The cost of conversion is not defined a priori, since it varies based on the number of pages and the complexity of the same, so if there is a presence of tables and images, and then of hyperlinks.

 Generally the average conversion cost is around € 0.40 for each page, but to achieve a secure and detailed quotation please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., attaching the work in pdf or doc.


 web site for the author
To allow maximum visibility to the author, Libroventura proposes the creation of a website to him individually.

The site provides a base of six pages, customizable depending on the author's needs. You can insert the following pages, in addition to the home page:

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tips for writers


writing course


curriculum vitae

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list of works


Photo gallery

video gallery

useful information


the publisher


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Online shop





download section

friends sites

latest book

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Obviously, the content and the template (the graphics) are customized and you can use the available pages also post items that are not mentioned.

The cost of creating the site and domain purchase is 150,00 € + VAT and includes a change to the month for the first six months. To create other pages or for the extension of the period of change you can prepare a custom quote.

In the case where the author publish with us a second work, adding to the site would be free.

To learn more, click here.

  • Book presentation
    Organize the presentation of a book is something difficult, but even more it is a double edged sword. Depending on the location in which it is organized and according to the rapporteurs, it varies so much impression on buyers possibiil that evening, as well as the reputation of the book and author in the weeks to come.

    Anyone can organize a presentation, but few know how to organize them well. It is not a boast, but it's true: to ask for authorization to the City to conduct the evening is quite a feat, inviting journalists to recount the event in their newspapers, so that even those who was not there that evening will know the existence of your book, believe it is something difficult.

    We try to do the best, with the right advertising, and custom invitations; we find the prestigious speakers and take care of the organization of the whole evening.

    You can not specify a standard cost, as it is not the same as planning a presentation at a bookstore or library, or in a square. Also, we consider that each city has a different fee to be paid, and every local has its own requirements. We invite you, if you are interested, to request a quote, indicating the number of presentations, the type of advertising that you intend to do and the location.


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